Why Dig – dig
The problem

How do you stay connected with your audience when they’re continuously evolving?

The audience has changed, but this isn’t the problem. The real problem is that they are continuously changing.

While this is an exceptionally difficult challenge for most businesses to overcome, trying to stay ahead of the influences and continuous shifts in technology is another matter altogether.

This is where we can help.

The solution

When the audience changed, the model broke, so we created a new one for tomorrow’s audience.

DIG is designed from the ground up to give businesses the most comprehensive and sophisticated view of their transforming audiences and the influences that affect them. This enables our clients to create powerful communication solutions that are tailored for their audience.
From emerging influencer platforms and making transparent the face of media through to cryptocurrencies and blockchain; we create bespoke, insight driven, media blends that leverage channels and technologies – ranging from TV ads through to chat bots.

Group Companies & Expertise

450 in-house experts, One global group; reimagining the customer relationship for tomorrow.

It’s our exceptional blend of strategists, marketeers, experience architects, data scientists, technologists, designers, developers, and channel experts, who collaborate to deliver a continuous stream of cross vertical insights, without losing the agility of a start up.

Together, we create solutions that solve business problems by using our in-house technology that is also white labelled for some of the world’s largest communication agencies.

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